What are we doing, why are we doing it, and where are we going? These questions form the foundation of the company’s evolution, so let me start at the beginning.

The Diary of a Novice Investor: The Bullet Train to Wealth Left When?

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Mark SlauterI was an avid reader as a child. It didn’t matter if it was fiction or non-fiction, every story transported me to some place I’d not been yet. And I believe that desire helped form the creative seed that I live with. I still remember one of my favorite picture books “The Three Little Horses, Blackie, Brownie and Whitey” by Piet Worm.

My creativity has presented itself in various forms, music, doodles, problem solving, poems (not very good ones) and now writing. With my first book, “The Diary of a Novice Investor: The Bullet Train to Wealth Left When?”, I knew I was going to self-publish. That decision was followed by the decision to start Lee and Lea Publishing to support my work. This was the initial what and why of Lee and Lea. But I wanted this to be something bigger than myself. I wanted to give life to other creative works.

Giving life to other creative works was grounded in the fact that I know several creative people who would like a platform and mechanism to get their material out to the world. Whether their love of the work is a hobby or a career, I wanted to help them do something just a bit more. My hope is to connect artists with people who enjoy it. These artists want it, I want it, and I know there are many people looking for a good story, a great work of art, and some humor.

– Mark Slauter